Saturday, April 23, 2011

Yep, still here

Altho I feel like I am talking to myself here, I am still here and posting. I've been busy these days, not because of Easter, but because we will finally buy our own house. We do not have a specific house in sight yet, however, just going to the bank, get the info, do all the talking is enough for me to get all excited. It won't be for another year but still, I do have some other goal to reach right now. The monthly down payment of a 3 bedroom house is less than the rent we pay right now, so go figure.
I did not take picture of my progress, but I took pictures of the kids, if that counts??

My oldest was pretty busy during Eastern Break, had something else to do every day, so no good pictures of him to share today, sorry.

I also decided to get my papers better in order, get boxes for different keepsakes, organize my pictures and get a recycling system up. Right now I like the ones IKEA have, but I haven't quite decided yet. I already organized papers when doing my home management binder and I was surprised how quickly I had some papers on my hands when I was looking for them a few weeks back. I knew exactly where to look and loved it. I felt less stressed than I usually would be, so this is a huge motivation for me to continue, altho I have been slacking a little during the last time. Oh, reminds me I also have to organize my recipes, toss out all those I tried which were not a hit, and type those we liked and add to our daily routine.
Well, I am off now, so see you:)

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