Tuesday, April 26, 2011

First aid and medications... duh....

So I take advantage of my early morning and a good cup of coffee to come over and blog about first aid and medications. I organized those on Sunday. Since we celebrated Easter at my moms on Saturday, I didn't really have a lot to do on Sunday, except for the Easter egg hunt for the kids in the morning.
I had quite a lot of meds that were expired (which I did not think prior to going through them), on top of that I had so much fluid medications that were open for I don't know how long and decided to toss it as well. They all went to a huge plastic bag and I am very proud to say I brought them to the pharmacy yesterday, so they will be disposed the way they should. Yesterday then, I decided to do something I wanted to do for quite a while now, which is keep an inventory list of the meds we have, why they are for, if they are for adults or for kids, and last but now least, when they expire. This way, just checking the list once at the end of each month, I just toss out whatever is about to expire. Like right now, I already tossed whatever expires May 2011. I guess working in the pharma industry years ago helped me to think about this...

So right now, the remaining items are sitting in two small baskets in my kitchen, which does not look very appealing, so I am thinking about another solution. I probably need to declutter some more in order to find just the right and perfect place for them!

Take Care :)

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