Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Work with what you have... Earth Day Challenge.

Jen over at 'Iheart Organizing' posed a challenge for Earth Day. The challenge was to find something you already had at home and use it to organize something.
I had a basket here for quite a while which I was tring to figure out what to do with. Without knowing, Jen gave me a good suggestion in her blog entry yesterday; I could roll up towels and washcloths and put it close to my bathtub. I also added a new bottle of shower gel. I could have made it prettier with getting new and matching towels and washcloth, but then I remembered to work with what I have (on top of that I really do not need any new washcloths and towels right now.

Please take a moment to check out Jen's amazing blog.

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  1. So awesome! Hope you love the new setup! :) I am super happy you participated!