Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our linen closet

If I had to chose one single closet in our home that was causing me a headache, that was definately the linen closet. WAS. Yesterday, I just dragged out about everything.
To give you an idea of what it looked like BEFORE, there you go.

I took out the big red overlay (which I absolutely had to get, along with the matching pillowscases and curtains, but just used once since), and this is what I saw.

No, we do not have a lot of bedsheets here. I tend to wash them as soon as I changed them, so we do not really need a lot of them.

A while ago, I bought a lot of boxes of different shapes. 3 of them were pretty flat, but large.

They were perfect to put the sheets in.

And there came the big challenge... Would the overlay fit in there?

The answer is no. So I tried with a dfferent box to put actually under the bed, and it still didn't fit. I did not really want to go back to just stuffing it in there with the rest. I needed something... big... The answer was right by my feet. The big laundry basket my husband got for the master bedroom. I haven't really used it because if I am good at something, then that is with keeping up with my laundry! One single basket is enough for us! And there you go... :D

I used small greet boxes to put in those extra pillowcases I might get rid of because they are not really matching any covers we have.
The final result:

Better, no?
I love it! :) Makes everything so much esier. Basically, I just drag out a box and have everything matching in there. :))

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