Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Creating a Home Management Binder

As I already told you, I am participating at the weekly challenges at "A bowl full of lemons". The first challenge is to create a Home Management Binder. I got my binder, labeler (finally!) and dividers today, while I could not find a pencil pouch in the various stores I visited.

I bought extra sheets of dividers because it would't be the first time I mess something up and get discoureaged.

The frontside of my binder.

My one and only labeler. I actually put it in a small storage container, along with the utilization guide and the extra roll of tape that came with it.

This free menu plan was found at "Free Printable Grocery List".

This weekly calendar is the one Toni from "A bowl full of lemons" used for her tutorial. You can grab your free copy there as well :)

So far, I created 10 categories: Calendar, Schedules, Menu Plan, Cleaning, Finances, Contacts, School, Medical, Services and Job. I was amazed how motivated I was to go through my cluttered drawers and sort my papers, punch holes into those I still needed and put them into my binder! I feel so much better now that I started this:)


  1. our is so cute. Glad you were motivated to participate. Mine needs a serious upgrade so thanks for sharing yours.

  2. oops. i meant to say "yours" is so cute. sorry. =)