Thursday, January 27, 2011

Starting again

After several times of starting a blog only to delete it again after an entry or two, I am here again, wondering how many posts I will last. I actually try to keep my home more organized, because to be honest, it was a huge mess laterly. I joined a challenge at "A bowl full of lemons"to keep up my work, and to feel more guided through this challenge.. So here I am... :)

Toni, the author blog owner, actually had a 21 day challenge going on earlier this month. I peeked in each day, I guess you can call me a lurker. Altho I did not officially join the challenge, I did what I could each day and worked with what I had. I guess we can call that a start! :) So, come back regularry to check what I've been up to, see how I am doing with Toni's challenge, or be secretly happy when I miserably fail, lol :)

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