Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The cooking part.... and a few finds at the chinese store

Before we start this, I admit I am not the best cook and probably will never be. I could blame it on my mom who didn't teach me anything, but I am straight honest when I say I was never really interested in it either. I try my best, sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don't. And when I do, well, my husband and kids reactions motivate me to continue giving my best.
I decided to create apost every now and then about what I have been cooking, at least as long as I remember to take a picture of it.

Homemade Pizza Funghi

I just realized that I forgot to take apicture of my Omelette à la forstière earlier today... Oh well:/

However, I went to the chinese store today and found a few helpful tools to get organized.
Storage Boxed for tomatoes and peppers

This is for my husband actually. A few days ago he was talking about how he needs a small dresser to put his clothes he wore once or twice in, but are still not dirty, while he would put the washed clothes in his regular dresser. I do not understand the logic, but since he doesn't want his worn clothes and his washed clothes to get mixed with each other this should solve the problem without having to buy another dresser.

I found out today that switching my computer off after using it keeps me from using it all day. I got so much done today, had dinner ready in time and the kids were all in bed at 7:15pm (what's supposed to be their regular bedtime!)! I tend to deny that I am obsessed with the computer and with being online, so we can consider this as a start, right?

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