Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kids Room... *sigh*

So we finally went to purchase the kids new closet last Saturday. We opted for this one at IKEA. It was definately not the cheapest but the only one we could actually picture being in their room AND be solid enough. The last closet they had was big and cost next to nothing back in 2007. The first drawers broke in the beginning of 2008 and by the end of that year, Karim's been fixing it over and over. By March of this year, it's been falling apart little by little and even Karim could no longer fix it. The new closet is MUCH smaller and I purchased some more containers to put under the beds. This is where I can stuff blankets and snuggies, stuff we actually only need during the colder months of the year. Just in case we still have too much stuff, I guess this is the perfect occasion to get rid of some more.
We also need some progress concerning toy organization because the old system does not really work any longer. My daughter basically pulls out eveything, which is frustrating for the boys who, finally, do put the toys into the right boxes when asked. Her pulling everything out again immediately is not very rewarding, right? I plan to purchase one or even two of these and use the shelf we had the toys on as bookshelf. I will probably paint white before. I really hope that we are getting it done soon!

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