Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Marriage and in-laws

First of all, I am back from my summer break:) I decided to join a challenge over at Time-Warp Wife. Please take a moment to check that wonderful site out.

Todays challenge is to invite your inlaws over or skype with them.. Well, I guess I have to do this my way... My father in law passed away in 1984 when my husband was only 10. My mother in law lives a 5 hour flight away from me, and never been on a computer.

In 2005 I was about to marry my husband and we decided that all things considered (esp the VERY big family of his side), the wedding should take place in Burkina Faso. It was also the very first time I was about to meet his family. I was nervous, and wanted them to like me. Before chosing a dress for the wedding, I even asked my now-husband what kind of dresses his mom likes because I would never ever have gotten married in a dress she'd dissaprove. I felt like I owned so much to this woman, Aminata Traore, since she had given life to my husband. On the other hand I heard so much about MIL's, they're witches, monsters, and whatever you want to name them, so I was convinced, that probably, I was just NOT supposed to like her because she was my MIL. I was in a twist there. So the day arrived. We hired a taxi from the house we rented and the driver took us to my MIL's house. My now-husband paid the driver, and got out of the car and so did I. I heard neighbours screaming, and saw a woman almost being hit by a car. Little did I know at that very moment that this woman was my MIL. She was talking to the neighbour living across the street and she was so excited to see her son again after 5 years that she completely forgot the traffic and just kept running towards him. After hugging and kissing him a few times, she also came and greeted me with a big hug. Then I knew that I could never bring myself to not like her. We were invited inside of the house, where I had the pleasure to meet my MIL's mom. We stayed for a while, and I was so nervous, I honestly do not remember a lot, only that the kind of perfume my MIL uses smells SO good. I saw her a few times more back there, memories are kind of blurry. I don't understand her language, and she does not speak or understand mine. Religion used to be a problem for her in the beginning, too.
Sometimes, I feel very bad that I only have one picture of her and me together. That I never got to meet my FIL. Sometimes, I wish she'd live closer, because I'd like to have her around a little more. She's scared of planes, and will probably never come over to see how we live, to see the kids school. Maybe one day? I hope so!!

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